Caffè Salomoni

Caffè Salomoni
Salomoni coffee roasting plant: quality has been our philosophy for over 50 years.

Half a century has been devoted to the careful selection of raw materials, technological innovation and consistent ethical relations to experience an entrepreneurial adventure and manage the transition from an artisan company to today’s industrial plant. The ingredients have remained unchanged: a careful and quality-oriented selection of raw materials to produce coffee characterized by sweet and aromatic gourmets coming from the best production areas in central America, where high-quality coffee is grown and cultivated. Blends are selected under the skillful supervision of roasting masters who, thanks to their expertise, create highly qualified mixtures to meet the needs of the most demanding customers.

Nothing happens by chance: the result is low-caffeine and highly digestible coffee providing the typical blonde cream and expressing all the aroma of Italian espresso. ... tradition has been going on.

Our strategy has been clear since the very beginning: quality in the first place, the search for raw materials in their land of origin, technological evolution, market research lead to a harmonic and refined taste of an unmatched cup of Italian espresso.

During over 50 year of history and tradition, the company has evolved from artisan activities to an industrial size, has renewed its identity and – through constant and consistent effort – has become an Italian specialist in the field of coffee, ready to anticipate market trends and meet the consumers’ demands.
Today, thanks to the respect for tradition, Torrefazione Caffè Salomoni can offer its customers the expertise of its “roasting masters” through a broad range of blends and basic products, capable of meeting the different tastes and multiple requirements of consumers, to make high quality coffee known among the general public. The company was founded in 1959 and since then the basic ingredients have always been the same: the careful selection of raw materials targeted on quality, technological innovation and consistent ethical relations to experience an entrepreneurial adventure and manage the transition from an artisan company to today’s industrial plant
Over the last ten years, this commitment has also expanded to organic products, a choice made with an eye to the constant search for improvement characterizing the vision of the company. This commitment is also important from a human viewpoint, thanks to the target of the organic project aimed at fostering production without the help of chemical substances and synthetic fertilizers. This involves the implementation of many techniques to improve the natural fertility of the soil by strengthening the health of plants and maintaining the balance of the ecosystem.

In this respect, Torrefazione Caffè Salomoni is certified as an Organic company, one of the first in Italy in the coffee sector, pursuant to the European guidelines and Fairtrade, to help the population of the land of origin.

Over the years the company has managed to renew its role with an eye on quality, also thanks to the bequest from father to daughter of those serious and concrete values that today allow the company to play a leading role in its sector in terms of the import and processing or certified organic products that, for ten years, it has been exporting world-wide. The most important decision for our Company’s growth is our choice concerning the Organic market, introducing innovative high quality products.

After market and quality research during several years, our Company obtained a certification for producing coffee from organic cultivation: 100& Arabica sort and 100% Organic sort, among be first Companies belonging to this branch, in Italy.
The origin of our selected coffee is certified, in order to ensure unchanged quality as well as a mild and well – balanced aroma allowing the rite of the coffee break to be a unique pleasure.

This organic coffee comes from Organic plantations in Sierra Nevada, a territory in Colombia, at a height between 1200 and 2000 mtrs, where its inhabitants, the Kogee Indians, represent one of the cultures who still keep up with their traditions.

Organic cultivations do not utilize chemical matters, i.e. synthesis fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides.
So, people have to use a lot of technique in order to improve the natural soil fertility, increasing a good plants health as well as their spontaneous resistance to disease and to different parasites; in this way, the ecosystem balance is kept. The result is a high quality product with a low caffeine content, whose perfect balance keeps the natural features of the product.
Our new package made of recycled paper protects the coffee blend from external agents and allows a “just roasted” coffee aroma to be kept. Once you open the package containing the coffee blend, you can find the pleasant smell of place of origin of the latter, where such mild coffee varieties are cultivated, and you can also find a combination from the best harvests in our matchless Organic Coffee.
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