Mozambique: a fertile land for investments

03/25/2015 - 03/26/2015

SE Mrs Carla Elisa Luis MucaviSE Mrs Carla Elisa Luis Mucavi
SE Mrs Carla Elisa Luis Mucavi

“Mantua potential is consistent. The occasion will be favorable and conductive for both populations”. Mantova Excellence had really a good start, hosting the first international delegation, consisting of the Mozambique ambassador in Italy SE Mrs Carla Elisa Luis Mucavi, the first embassy Secretary Mr Melquisedec Muapala and the general director of veterinary and agro-alimentary services Mr Josè Augusto Mateus Libombo Junior.
The program, divided in two days: during the first day a visit to the farm machinery manufacturer Ferrari, one of the first to take part to the project, while during the second day the delegation expressly asked to meet by the Chamber of Commerce, some companies operating in the diary and pork breeding sectors. “Mozambique offers 36 million hectares fertile lands. It needs importing machineries and know how as for breeding and beef and pork meat processing. The land legally belongs to the State but it can be granted to beneficial owners for 50 years, 1 dollar per hectare fee.”.  
A democratic state, just electing its President, peaceful and with a good economic growth (about 7% per year). A good and reliable commercial partner for the Mantua companies.    
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