Officine di Energia

Officine di Energia
Officine di Energia is an Italian company that has been working for years in the production of unique and innovative photovoltaic modules that are characterized by extreme flexibility, strength, lightness and transparency.
Compared to traditional rigid modules allow greater freedom of application, which includes the curved surfaces.
These characteristics make them modules can be easily integrated into various areas, from architecture to their attractive appearance, that of sustainable mobility, including nautical, from leisure to various accessories.

We would also like to underline that our market should not be the photovoltaic standard, where the key point is just the low price, but our products are intended on innovation, the lightness, the flexibility, the color choice, the personalized sizes.
These characteristics are to be presented to architects, designers, factories which are in charge of outside forniture, outdoor roofs, greenhouses, frontages,  campers, boatings, gardening accessories and beach umbrellas.

On our website you can view  and evaluate our product line which includes:

- 3 different sizes of flexible photovoltaic modules;
- Photovoltaic umbrella called 'Vela';
- Battery charger for mobile phones called 'Ventosa'
Officine di Energia srl 

Piazza G. Matteotti, 52
46020 Pegognaga (MN) - Italy

Phone: +39 0376 550774
Fax: +39 0376 553041
Skype: officine.di.energia

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Officine di Energia
Officine di Energia
Officine di Energia
Officine di Energia
Officine di Energia
Officine di Energia

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