The province of Mantova is easily accessible from Milan by all means of transport: by car, by train, by bus
Mantua province, its 415,000 inhabitants, is historically one of the most important provinces at the Italian level as for the agricultural and food sector that is the processing of primary raw materials into food. The main Mantua agricultural and food processing sectors, as for total turnover are: pig meat slaughtering, beef meat slaughtering and the dairy processing, with two main DOP cheeses.

At a wider level, to be defined as agrifood sector, some other important production fields are to be considered: agricultural mechanization, oven products and other food processing, destined to humans and animals as well, and duly taking their size and technological innovation level into account, they do represent brands well-known to the wider public.

EXPO 2015 topic “Feed the planet. Energy for life” is core to the Mantua province, undoubtedly standing out and concentrating its quality and highly technological productions in the agricultural-food, agricultural-industrial, zoo-technical sectors and on alternative energy sources and water processing.

Innovating water purification techniques were studied by many companies in Italy as to support the protection and remediation of water from pollution provoked by agricultural-origin nitrates, duly appreciated at the international level as well and even shared through enforcement of projects by the UNO as to supply water to countries still missing it.
A few features can synthetically summarize the Mantua agricultural and food sector: big considering its sizes, system as consisting of companies, associations, districts and networks, food, for human and animal food production, quality as for its DOP and IGP recognized products; sustainable as paying attention to the economical, environmental and social issues as well; safe as supported by certifications and controls at different levels.

Such a “system sustainable model” can be profited from as to suggest and enhance the quality of agricultural and food products all over the world and EXPO 2015 is a great opportunity to be seized. At present in fact it is more than ever required to orient such a system to the markets paying the due attention to the consumer requirements and at the same time complying with many company inclination to operate on the international markets as to compensate for the local market stagnation.

A system, already representing 20% of the Lombardy region sellable production, should desperately find new outlets to allow companies, to the consistent network and association structure to recover, through new types of partnerships, among which Company networks as well as new offer concentrations or through agricultural and food districts open to new markets for export. EXPO 2015 is the opportunity to be seized to enhance the value of the area cultural and historical wealth, its artistic, environmental and wine and food resources as well thus attracting tourists and investments to the benefit of the local economy.

The Mantua Chamber of commerce supported by the Mantua Entrepreneurs’ Association and the Corsorzio Mantova Export introduce the present project entirely in line with Universal Exhibition object while trying to widen the organisation model after May 1 – October 31, 2015, dilating modes and results at the economic, social and environmental level.
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